Acne afflicts a large number of people. It is not limited to those with oily skin or to teenagers. It can affect people with normal, dry, or combination skin. It can also affect adults.


The common solution to the acne problem is to purchase expensive medical products thatmay have dangerous side effects. Prescriptions aren’t the only answer, though. There are a number of natural remedies that may help minimize acne, including papaya. Papaya, whose scientific name is Carica Papaya, contains a proteolytic enzyme known as papain. This and other restorative enzymes are present in the fruit, seeds, and leaves of the papaya. The different parts of the papaya plant can be useful with skin problems.


Papain, also referred to as papaya proteinase, is an enzyme found in the papaya fruit. It may dissolve fat and cleanse the skin to make it feel smooth and soft. Papain has properties that can whiten and soften the skin. When used as acne treatment, papain can help cleanse pores to prevent future breakouts. The raw juice of the papaya fruit helps minimize the swelling of acne breakouts. It may prevent pus formation and reduce inflammation. The medical properties of papain may help diminish skin blemishes, brown spots, and pigmentation.

Natural Acne Treatment

The papaya fruit can be mashed into a smooth paste for use as a topical acne cream. The papaya paste should be applied to the face in the form of a mask. The paste should remain on the face for about 15 to 20 minutes until it dries, after which it should be washed off with cool water.Regular use of papaya masks may make a marked difference to the appearance of your skin.

The juice of the papaya can be applied directly to the acne-affected skin in order to soothe soreness and reduce inflammation. The juice can be more potent than even the mashed papaya. In addition to using papaya as a topical treatment for the skin, the papaya fruit can be consumed for similar health benefits.

Before you break the bank on costly acne treatments, consider regular use of the simple papaya fruit for cleaner, clearer skin.