Beauty & Truth manufactures skin care products, include Rapid Lift FX – a revolutionary anti-aging treatment. The company’s Valentine’s Day promotion for products like Rapid Lift FX resulted in revenues that topped first quarter predictions.

Rapid Lift FXBeauty & Truth offered the promotion prior to the Valentine’s holiday for customers wanting to achieve more youthful, radiant skin. Rapid Lift FX is a microserum that delivers an “instant facelift.” When applied to the skin, the product forms a thin film that tightens the skin. In the five to 10 minutes it takes to dry, the serum reduces wrinkles, face lines, dark circles and skin puffiness. The tightening effect lasts for four hours but can be reapplied up to twice per day. The repeated application of Rapid Lift FX provides a protective shield against the stress of oxidation and helps enhance the production of collagen, which is an essential part of the skin’s connective tissue. Increased collagen helps the skin stay firm and retain its youthful plumpness.

Beauty & Truth offered promotions on products like Rapid Lift FX in anticipation of the increased demand for better-looking skin in time for Valentine’s Day. Sales in response to the promotion significantly exceeded the company’s expectations and its predictions for first quarter revenues.

“At Beauty & Truth, we recognize that our customers are attuned to looking their best in preparation for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions,” said Rebecca Thompson, Vice President of Product Development. “We launched our Valentine’s Day deals on Rapid Lift FX to make our products widely available, and the response was overwhelming.”