Beauty & Truth is a leader in the skin care industry thanks to its signature products that have revolutionized anti-aging treatments. Product sales for the company’s popular RapidLift FX wrinkle-reducing serum surged in May in advance of the Mother’s Day holiday.

RapidLift FX

Beauty & Truth has become famous for its cutting edge skin care products that minimize wrinkles and restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness for a fraction of the price of cosmetic procedures. RapidLift FX is a micro-serum that delivers an “instant facelift.” When applied to the skin, RapidLift FX forms a thin film that causes an instant tightening effect. It only takes about five minutes for the micro-serum to dry, during which time fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness begin to fade away.

The effects of RapidLift FX last for up to four hours, and it can be reapplied up to twice per day. RapidLift FX delivers a protective shield against the stress of oxidation and helps stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Collagen is an essential part of the skin’s connective tissue. An increased level of collagen in the skin will reduce skin sagging, allowing the skin to retain its youthful plumpness.

Beauty & Truth ramped up the production of RapidLift FX in anticipation of increased sales for Mother’s Day gift giving. RapidLift FX sales frequently surge before holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day as people look to give gifts to pamper their loved ones. Mother’s Day was no exception as people treated their moms to products to enhance their natural beauty

“Moms will often spend money on everyone else but themselves,” said Rebecca Thompson, Vice President of Product Development for Beauty & Truth. “Our sales figures showed that people were interested in treating their mom to a product to help them look and feel their very best—which moms deserve.”