RapidLift FX Instructions

How to Use RapidLift FX

RapidLift FX Application Instructions:

RapidLift FX can be used on the under-eye area, crows feet, or any crease, line or wrinkle.

  1. Put a tiny amount onto a finger on your non-dominant hand. Then use your ring finger from your other hand to pick up the product and gently dab onto the areas you wish to target. Blend it lightly and leave it slightly wet on the skin, as the drying process is where the magic happens!
  2. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry, keeping your facial muscles as still as possible. If you see a white residue, you’ve applied too much product – wipe off and start again.
  3. Can be worn alone, as well as under or over makeup. RapidLift FX works… tightening results will last approximately 4 hours.

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